My name is Michael 


I am so excited to meet you!

Photography is so much more to me than clicking buttons, or telling people to smile! That's a part of it, but photography to me is learning, loving, and sharing life with people. 

I lean away from traditional photography and ask people to react to what I say, not to do what I say. I've learned that no matter how awkward someone thinks they are, or how not photogenic they perceive themselves to be, if they step outside of 

"smile at the camera"

and step into being authentic and real versions of themselves, the results far surpass what even they could imagine.

Capturing Your Story Since 2018

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Your story is made up of all the little memories, the little moments, but they really aren't little.

When you are first born into the world, this is no little moment...

When you make it through 12 years of school and graduate, this is no little moment...

When you fall in love and make the commitment to be with them forever, this is no little moment...

When you open up your first business after hours of hard work, commitment and dedication, this is no little moment...

This is YOUR story, and I am excited to walk alongside you and help you remember every little moment!

Client      Stories

John & Sydney

John and Sydney hold a place close to my heart, not just because he is my brother and she is my sister-in-law. I don't know if I can name a more energetic and helplessly in love couple. Born in rival states (OSU vs. MU) they seem to put their differences aside and are getting married 2021. I could not be more honored to be apart of this surprise engagement!

Iris & Jared

Iris and Jared are High School sweethearts, easy going, fun and adventurous. They Are minimalist in style but the most free spirited and sweet couple. They didn't know they would be hiking through a river and racing through the woods for their engagement photos but I think it was well worth it!

Brooke & Ryan

Brooke and Ryan were my very first engagement session and one of my first couple weddings. They both are body building champions, but don't let that fool you, they have the kindest hearts! Couples that workout together stick together, and through it they have learned to respect and love each other and now July 11th 2020 they chose to make this commitment till the end of time. 

Michelle & Ben

Michelle and Ben dated for over 8 years, patiently waiting for this day! The McLures grew up in my neighborhood and getting to see and photograph this sweet couples wedding day meant the whole world. They are perfectly suited for each other in every way! You can't help but smile with how they interact with each other, and how they authentically love each other.

Now that I've got your attention...


let's book and have some fun!!

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