Sara & Sean

*The One That Was Friend Zoned*

Season 1 Episode 6

This couple, at least in the beginning was in a battle of patience vs acceptance. Sean knew from day one that he was going to marry this girl who "stood out as a pure soul in a dark world, with her style and grace". But for Sara, this idea of a relationship with Sean was going to take time. It wasn't until their first date that Sara saw for the first time that Sean was no ordinary guy - regardless, her boundaries were set and their friendship began. As their friendship blossomed, and they grew to be closer and closer Sean began to see and become excited for the growth they were experiencing, for the conversations they were having, the life that they were sharing, and somewhere along their journey Sara began to see it too. 

This couple was focused on honoring God and letting Him lead them to wherever He would take them. From knowing this couple for a short time it was clear that fun, laughter, and colorful expression were founding points in their relationship and will continue to influence their lives together as one.  

"We made a pillow fort in my living room and watched movies. It was a moment where the world fell away and it was just us"

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