Welcome Seniors

Maisey Granson

It's Senior Year Baby

You finally did it!

Senior year is almost done and it's time for the very best part! 

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What is the very best part you might be asking? Well... the photos of course! 


Now, before you say,


"I don't like getting my picture taken"

please keep reading.

I say this as a guy, who was once a high school senior. Senior photos are actually FUN! Why? Well, because senior photos have zero pressure! What I have learned to love about photography is that it is so much more than clicking buttons, it's about talking, building relationships, being authentic and having a FREAKN' BLAST! Your senior photos are all about showcasing the person behind the smiling face. 

My job as a photographer is not to change you, pose you, tell you what to wear, where to shoot - my job as a photographer is to help others see the uniqueness that makes you, YOU!


Pricing is an important part of choosing who to have photograph such a special moment in your life. My pricing is based on experience in the field, fun you will have and of course the professional quality of your senior photos.


Starting at $150

1 hour of shooting/unlimited outfits/unlimited locations/ 35+ fully edited photos/ rights to photos for printing and sharing


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