Iris & Jared

*The One With The Mutual Breakup*

Season 1 Episode 4

This sweet couple met in high school, dated, and decided that they should breakup. Months go by and they both reach out on different platforms to check in. Realizing they still wanted a relationship they planned to sneak off to their favorite restaurant. One thing that was obvious about this couple was the importance of laughter and living in the moment. With a fire that never actually burned out their relationship started to grow and mature.

But life happens... all relationships struggle, all people fail. This couple faced the loss of a loved one, and during this time of loss they always found time to be a voice of peace in a way that is unmatched. The care that they showed and continue to show was so evident in the way they interacted, authentically loved, overflowed with joy and welcomed me into their special day. 

"in every situation, step up and be ready to serve, seek to understand and look to God for help"

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