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Updated: Jun 18

Howdy Y'all, if you're visiting my website and reading for the first time then HELLO! My name is Michael Marhefka. I am a freshman in college at Kent State, and I suppose this blog is a test to the saying

"Kent read, Kent write, Kent State"

My website is obviously focused on my photography, and of course I would love to meet you guys in person and get to know you, but I think that my mission as a photographer goes beyond my artistic eye and hours spent on YouTube learning how to push the buttons on my camera. I began writing blogs to post a few months ago and realized that without giving you guys any insight into me, my life, my thoughts, you might think I'm a bit psycho or lose interest quickly... So here goes nothing.

Well I'm a teenage guy, so I suppose post haircut selfies are not atypical, your welcome. I grew up in a relatively big family, more like a small clan of built in friends. Of course it wasn't perfect, its called life, but I like to think that I didn't even come close to drawing the short straw. I was blessed to grow up in a Christian home, two parents who worked everyday to show their entire little army of children what it was like to be loved unconditionally, to love others unconditionally, and to work our hardest to have a mindset fixed on Christ. I think that of all the things that have happened in my life, my parents have always given their children authentic love. I won't talk too much more about that in this blog but definitely check out my other post that talks just on what authentic love looks like and what God has to say about what it should look like for a Christian.


Heyo, before I go much further I think that it's only fair that I discuss the entire purpose of these blogs and content that will be covered before we get too much more gushy, mushy, and emoshy. I already mentioned life happens, it's hard sometimes, its good sometimes, it's AMAZING sometimes, and I think that all of these things are evidence of a God, and His working in our lives. Now before you click out, before you say "I'm not religious" or "God isn't what I'm looking for right now" just read this next paragraph.

Every single blog, vlog, instagram account, Facebook account, or influencer of any kind is showcasing what is important in a their life, what makes them unique, what makes their world keep spinning for one more day, and to me, my faith/God are just a part of who I am. My blog's goal is to encourage people, to answer common questions, to give a teenagers perspective on harder issues, and the thing that I often will be showcasing is God. A friend once told me

"As someone who isn't a christian, even I can see that there is something special and positive to take from pretty much every religion"

My goal is not to push my religion onto anyone, but hope that no matter what you believe you find answers, find encouragement, and maybe laugh a little (at me or with me, whichever feels right).


Greater photography, wow, this kid must be super humble.

Okay, so the name, 'We are Greater Photography', well... my whole life people have had trouble pronouncing my last name. Marhefka, say it with me, Mar-hef-ka. I decided that Michael Marhefka was already a mouthful, add Photography and it's like watching someone eat with their mouth open, doesn't sound good, look good, or feel good. Beyond ease of speaking the name I have always been hyper critical of the way I looked (still hate being on the other side of the camera). This probably seems unrelated but I realized by taking photos that more often then not, it's straight up awkward. When I first began selling my services and claiming to be trustworthy to take pictures, I was extremely uncomfortable. I quickly learned that the seniors/couples were uncomfortable getting their pictures and I was not confident in my ability to take the pictures. So to be 100% transparent it was basically one GIANT hot mess. But taking photos for people really forced me to ask myself why I was uncomfortable getting my picture taken and trying to learn what would help others not only NOT be awkward, but also to have FUN! So I realized after many awkward photos and not great turnouts that getting your photo taken was more than that. Getting your photo taken is "greater" than a smiling face (see what I did there?). I personally believe that it is a unique way of capturing someones personality, their abilities, and the things that make them, them. After awhile of coming to this realization it completely changed the way that I viewed photography in general. Then 'Greater Photography' was born.

Learn more about how the name was created (click me)

Fun Facts About Myself

- there is never not a good time for coffee

- koala bears sleep for 20 hours a day, me too koala bears, me too

- of the 195 countries in the world, 195 are on my bucket list

- I listen to a LOT of music (Listen to my December playlist)

- I like photography, hope you've picked up on this (lets book a session) - I like dad jokes, how else will I get that genuine smile?

#1 Dad joke: This graveyard looks overcrowded. People must be dying to get in there.

If you didn't laugh, dont worry. There are plenty more where that came from ;)

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