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Photography to me is so much more than taking pictures, so much more than clicking buttons on a camera.

Photography to me is a way of capturing a person's essence, because people are so much more than their outward appearances.

People are so much more than what others think of them, or even what they think of themselves. People are uniquely and wonderfully who they're supposed to be and constantly working to be a better version of themselves everyday.

As a people we have a responsibility to walk alongside those around us and help them see the person that they can become and not hold them captive in their past.


"Everyone see a different version of you. Some see the happy and the fun, while some see the rude and tired. But you have to realize that no one is going to see you the same way, everyone is going to have a different opinion, and you have to just not pay attention to everyone who says stuff about you.  You have to learn to LOVE yourself and focus on what your friends see and especially what God sees because they see the real you and they love YOU for that!”

What Are You Greater Than?